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A Damn Good Story

Chasing the Dream

A long time ago, in the bustling town of Austin, Texas, a man named Mike Rypka bought a food trailer and a red Vespa. His dream? To start a taco joint. Like all great chefs, he filled his first menu with more experiments than meals — and thanks to some trips around town on his Vespa, and overheard iterations of "Damn, these tacos are good!" at the food trailer, it was declared a hit.

The rest is history. Well, history in-the-making.

Making it Big

With countless tacos eaten, over 90 locations opened, and thousands of Taco Junkies added to the Torchy’s family, some things have certainly changed, but the dedication to making high-quality, cooked-to-order, Damn Good tacos remains the same.

Though each Torchy's location has its own unique and different design, the commitment to top-notch ingredients is found in all our kitchens. To serve up the best of the best, we focus on developing partnerships around the world to responsibly source the finest ingredients. We believe in our fine partners, their missions, and putting our best food forward together.

Our Mantra

In living by our Damn Good mantra, we’re constantly innovating to ensure we’re delivering the tastiest tacos, queso, and margaritas in the game. Our Taco of the Month promotions allow us to provide unique tacos to all our Taco Junkies year 'round. We also pride ourselves by hiring Damn Good people who develop one-of-a-kind partnerships in each community we serve.

The Root of all the Cravings

The ingredients make the meal. That’s why we responsibly and ethically source every single ingredient, down to the jalapeño. From there, we work hard to whip up the best damn tacos, cooked to order, just the way you like 'em.

Torchy’s works with brands who share our commitment to quality.

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We’re green like guac

Without the planet, we wouldn’t have tacos. Torchy’s thanks the environment by only stocking napkins, cups and cutlery made from 100% renewable resources. Even our used cooking oil is turned into fuel for cars.

We give a chip

Torchy’s donates tacos, time, and resources to causes we’re passionate about. Whether it’s cancer research at MD Anderson, childhood enrichment at Make-A-Wish Foundation or addiction recovery at Phoenix House, we believe in leaving the world better than we found it. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from every Taco of the Month goes towards these causes.

We don’t just focus our attention nationally, Torchy’s also looks locally. Each one of our stores is actively involved in helping the community around them.

Join the Taco Dream Team

You’re good people. We’re good people. Let’s talk.