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After 3,200+ creative entries for our first ever Name Your Own Damn Taco Contest, we are officially ready to announce our winner!

In June, Torchy’s CEO Mike Rypka announced the official contest and opened the call for entries.

After being flooded with thousands of creative submissions, our team hunkered down at Torchy’s World Headquarters in Austin, Texas to find the perfect new addition to our taco team menu.

While a few of you had similar ideas and some of you may need to wash your mouths out with soap, we were so grateful for the thousands of fans who poured their hearts and souls into your entries.

Ultimately, the choice came down to one winning entry by Cadie Kelly, a Torchy’s fan based in Tyler, Texas. Her choice was simply an offer we couldn’t refuse…

Introducing THE HOGFATHER.

We are thrilled to bring THE HOGFATHER to the table at a Torchy’s near you, coming (not) soon (enough).