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living the damn good taco dream.

Who says you need a business plan to start a taco joint? After living it up at his fancy executive chef job, Mike Rypka decided to take his head full of ideas elsewhere and chase his dreams. He soon found them in Austin with a newly-acquired food trailer and a red Vespa scooter. A house was mortgaged. Credit cards were maxed out. Most importantly, some dreams came true. Torchy’s Tacos opened for the first time on South 1st at Bouldin Creek.

Watching cars drive by, Mike realized he’d bet his life savings on his green chile pork, fajitas, and a desire for unique food. With no customers in sight, Mike decided to take matters into his own hands. He hopped on that red Vespa and started personally handing out his award-winning salsa and chips, inviting everyone to stop by the trailer to give his tacos a try. And you guessed it – it totally worked.

Torchy’s first menu was filled with more experiments than meals – tweaking recipes, trying new things, and serving up tacos to whoever wanted ‘em. Whenever Mike heard his customers holler “Damn, these tacos are good!” he’d add those tacos to the permanent menu. Soon, “Damn Good” became a rally cry at the trailer. The Taco Dream grew and took on a life of it’s own, resulting in long lines of newly-indoctrinated Taco Junkies ready for some Damn Good tacos.

As Torchy’s began to grow and grow, Mike was then joined by Farrell Kubena, Vice President of Business Development, Rebecca Kubena, Vice President of Finance, Jason Wald, Vice President of Operations, and Alfonso Angelone, Vice President of Technology, rounding out the Taco Dream Team.

Today, Torchy’s Tacos operates several locations across Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma. With many awards won, national praise garnered, and thousands of customers, employees, friends, and fans added to the Torchy’s family, you could say the Taco Dream is more alive than ever.



it’s damn good to give back

We're thankful for our success and the opportunity it gives us to give back. That's why we do our best to donate our tacos, time and treasure to worthy causes in the communities we serve.  

We'd give to everyone if we could, but we focus our assistance in areas where our company founders are especially passionate: cancer research, childhood enrichment, and addiction recovery.  In each of these categories, we're proud to corporately partner with MD Anderson Cancer Center, Make-A-Wish, and Phoenix House, respectively.

Torchy's Tacos does not participate in the following giving systems:

     - At-the-counter fundraising

     - Pin-Up campaigns

     - Political affiliated groups or legal endeavors of any kind

     - Religious groups for religious purposes

     - Independent projects or franchises (film crews, authors, research or travel grants, etc.)

If you have a in-kind request you'd like Torchy's to be a part of and it fits the above criteria, let us know and we'll see what we can do.  Due to the volume of requests we receive, please anticipate a 4-6 week response time.  Also, please note that, though we look at every request, a response may not be granted.

Thank you for considering Torchy's Tacos to support your efforts!



  • Make-A-Wish
  • Phoenix House
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center

Let’s get one thing straight – Torchy may be cute, but he isn’t what makes our food so Damn Good.  Before the service and preceding the preparation, the food we serve is the flame to our fire. 

We’re confident in the products we serve and the people we work with.  If not regionally-sourced, you can bet your brush fire that it’s responsibly-sourced.  We work with brands who believe that serving the best thing is the right thing, and we’re constantly looking to better ourselves. 

 Thank you to these fine partners, their missions, and putting their best food forward.

  • Casa Brasil Coffee A direct trade, specialty coffee company that is freshly roasted in Austin, Texas.  Their vision is focused on collaborating unmatched flavor with progressive social initiatives to your cup – and to the people of Brazil.  All of their coffees are hand selected at source, imported and roasted fresh to order.
  • Maine Root Sodas Maine Root handcrafted beverages is a Fair Trade Certified supplier of organic cane sugar sodas.  Their products were founded on the idea of providing the best tasting and environmentally responsible product possible. 
  • El Milagro El Milagro, established in 1950, prides themselves on the quality of their product.  All of their ingredients are hand-selected, never pre-processed, and made fresh and delivered daily.




At Torchy’s, we’re dedicated to making the most sustainable impact of our products from beginning to end.  From fresh, ingredients to systems and products within our establishments, we’re aimed on making a difference.

As a fast casual restaurant, we know that packaging can be a heavy source of waste.  That’s why, with the help of eco-friendly products, we’re able to offer napkins, cups, cutlery, and more made from 100% renewable resources.  

In addition to paper goods, our stores have a “take what you need, reuse what you can” philosophy. Our locations are equipped with low-flow toilets, tankless water heaters, and erected with 40% reclaimed wood.  Also, it’s no secret that we’re fans of the fryer, but you may be happy to learn that most of our used oil is collected and later turned into fuel for automobiles.

 We’re constantly trying to improve our operations and our relationship with the environment.  With your understanding, we’re aimed at more responsible products and processes.  In the meantime, take what you need, reuse what you can.


Saucy & Spiced for the Naughty OR Nice

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