Taco Junkie Dictionary

Ever wondered what it means to “Get it Trashy?” And what the heck is a Taco Junkie? All the Torchy’s Tacos insider jargon is now explained. FINALLY.

(You’re welcome.)

Get it trashy –

[Get it trashee] (verb)  

– To consume your Trailer Park taco with no lettuce, add Green Chile Queso instead.

Spooning –

[spoon] (verb)

-Using a spoon to transfer Green Chile Queso directly to your mouth.

Jonesin’ –

[johnz-ing] (verb)

-When you have a craving only Damn Good tacos can cure.

Double fisting –

[duhbuhl fist-ing] (verb)

-To hold a drink (or a taco!) in each hand… this is when things get real.

Bleed Diablo –

[bleed dee-ah-bloh] (verb)

– To embody the Torchy’s spirit inside and out.

Taco dreams

[tah-koh dreems] (noun)

– When all you can think about is Damn Good tacos, even in your sleep.

Taco Junkie –

[tah-koh juhng-kee]

-Someone who is addicted to tacos. (Psst – that’s you!)

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