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Listen up, Taco Junkies! Everyone’s favorite craving is back, and it’s pretty damn funky. March’s Taco of the Month isn’t here to play games — it’s ready to kick some ass and take some names. 

Kung Fu Crispy Waffle and Butt-Kickin’ Chicken are back on the scene with their fancy fried vixens! Baby Sizzle Bacon knows what to do. Foxy Fried Egg’s got that delicious flavor too. Sugar Mama Maple Syrup comes on the side. Served on a flour tortilla — man, we’re not delivering any muthacluckin’ jive! Roscoe is back, ya dig!

The Roscoe is available March 1-31, 2020 at participating Torchy’s Tacos locations. Portions of the proceeds from all Taco of the Month sales go to our charitable partners.