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Hey y’all!

Just like the Lone Star state, when summer rolls around, we’re delivering some serious heat.

Settlin’ for anything less would be as welcome as a porcupine at a nudist colony!

If the month of June wasn’t hot enough for ya, the Texas Hottie is back and she’s definitely got some horns holdin’ up that little halo of hers.

Y’all listen up now… we’re talkin’ a Hottie chicken tender, cayenne sauce, cabbage slaw, chow chow pickled relish, honey, fresh cotija cheese and chipotle sauce. All that cleaned up real nice on a flour tortilla.

If you ain’t ready and rarin’ to go after hearing all of that darlin’, then all we can say is bless your little heart.

The Texas Hottie — All month long at Torchy’s. Come and get it y’all!

Texas Hottie

The Texas Hottie is available June 1-30, 2020 at participating Torchy’s Tacos locations.