The Things We Do for True Love

True love. We all want it. We all search for it. And in some cases, we’ll do damn near anything to get the object of our desire. In the month of Valentine’s Day, we decided to zoom in on some of our taco loving fans, to find out just how far they will go for their beloved tacos (or queso)? The results may surprise you.

In the name of True Taco Love, taco junkies have been known to:

Trudge Through Snow

Hell no, a little snow cannot stop a taco junkie with queso on the brain. That’s how strong our love is.

Travel Great Distances

In olden times, a man would travel for weeks just to see the fair maiden of his desire. Today, lovers map out taco road trips with a similarly feverish need.

Endure Endless Waits to Be Together 

For better or for worse, a true taco lover cannot be discouraged. Not even (multiple) delays can sway their taco dedication. Looking at you, Denver. Our love is real.

Make Time in Their Schedule

It doesn’t matter how busy someone is, they will always make time for you if they really care. At least, that’s what Mom always told us. By the looks of it, these taco junkies have got it bad…

Attempt to Break the Law

We know it’s wrong, but sometimes true love cannot be stopped! Even if it means resorting to criminal activity…

…and sometimes you even get caught.

Finally, there are those so head over heels, they find themselves taking desperate measures such as



…and finally,


Share your story. How far have you gone for your one true (taco) love?

Do you know someone who is queso-crazed or taco-addicted? Hook them up with some love this Valentine’s Day.