Torchy’s Tacos Gluten-Free Menu

…it’s Damn Good!

Like many food establishments, we receive tons of questions about a variety of dietary restrictions, and gluten-free is definitely one of the most common. Good news is – whether gluten is your enemy, your frenemy, or you’re just turning over a new leaf, we’ve got a full selection of Damn Good Gluten-Free offerings to satisfy all your taco lovin’ needs.

In fact, many of your favorite menu items are naturally free of gluten, while others require just a little tweaking. Our fresh corn tortillas contain no gluten, and any taco can be ordered in a bowl. Fried items do contain gluten, but can be ordered “al fresco” aka not fried.

Gluten Free

Whether you’re classy, trashy, or picky – you can always customize your Torchy’s love. Just let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to help you out. You can check out the menu HERE. Happy eating!