Torchy’s Tacos – The Vault


The Torchy’s Tacos Vault

In the spirit of founder Mike Rypka’s original menu, we encourage experimentation!

Working for Torchy’s, you learn to get pretty creative with your taco combinations.  Sometimes, those combinations get noticed.  In even rarer instances, other combinations make their way to the Torchy’s Tacos Vault.

Case in point with September 2016’s appearance of the Tailgater, a brand new taco whose culinary appeal is attributed one of our most senior General Managers, Tevy Kaplan.


“Since close to when I first started with Torchy’s, I wondered why we didn’t have a buffalo wing taco.  It took me over 1.5 years of trial and error to finally come up with a winner.  I just thought that I’d like my favorite appetizers on a taco, and that’s where it was born.” 

The Tailgater is gone for now, but stay tuned, as we rotate fan favorites monthly!

About the Torchy’s Vault Series

The Torchy’s Tacos Vault is a recurring contest that encourages creativity and ignites passion for the reason we’re all here – TACOS.  Each year, our Taco Junkies are challenged to put forth their favorite creations, some of which make it in front of our Executive Chef and Founder, Michael Rypka.  From there, the tacos go through a series of trials to hopefully land a lasting spot as a mainstay or, be placed in the Torchy’s Tacos Vault.  Be sure to let us know what you think.