Torchy’s Test Kitchen

Torchy’s Test Kitchen

Heads up – we’re up to something…

We’ve set flame to a handful of sinfully good new creations, and we’re dying to know what you think! Our Test Kitchen menu is available for a very limited time, and your feedback will help us decide what stays and what goes. But that’s not all – only 2 Torchy’s locations will get to taste test the goodies … so, if you’re near Torchy’s Spicewood or Torchy’s MuellerGiddy up!

Torchy’s Test Kitchen Menu



January 16th – February 5th  – at Torchy’s Mueller

January 30th – February 26th – at Torchy’s Spicewood

Menu Flyer_Spicewood_022017

Tried it? Loved it? Holler at us. #TorchysTestKitchen

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