Taco Junkie Testimonials

Jeremy Smith_headshot

Employee Highlight: Jeremy Smith

Senior Director of Design and Construction

Ever wondered what makes a taco junkie tick? To get a closer look at life inside the taco machine, we’ve sat down with some members of the Torchy’s team for a little taco talk. Our first Taco Junkie Testimonial features Jeremy Smith, who, as Senior Director of Design and Construction, plays a huge part in making our stores sexy and functional.


Torchy: What gets you going, personally?

JS: My two biggest hobbies, outside of work, are Crossfit and Lifestyle Design. Both allow me to challenge myself, set new limits, and force me to get out of my comfort zone. Crossfit works for me on a number of different levels and supports my overall health. But most importantly, I can share Crossfit with my family. It’s something we do together and have a lot of fun with. From a Lifestyle Design standpoint, I really enjoy defining what I want out of life (purpose), in all areas of my life, and setting goals to achieve those things.

Torchy: Alright, now back to work. Please summarize what the heck you do.

JS: Basically, I execute the design and construction vision that is passed down from our owners for new stores, store remodels, and other special projects. In other words,  I manage all activities from lease execution until we deliver a complete, fully functional taco making machine to Operations. Among other things, this requires a ton of collaboration between the Construction, Critical Projects, and Facilities Departments to ensure all are operating together in the most effective and efficient manner.

Torchy: What do you love about your job?

JS: For the first time in my career, I feel like I’m part of something much bigger than me, that affects a large number of people in a good way, and I’m responsible for a critical component of that. Because Torchy’s has our own in-house Construction and Facilites teams (which is pretty unheard of in the restaurant industry), there is a lot of freedom to how we operate, as long as we remain aligned with our company’s overall goals. We’re allowed to take risks, be unique, and do things that no one else is doing. We have the space to do things right, with integrity, and we’re not asked to cut corners or compromise.

Torchy: Out of all the companies you could work for, why Torchy’s?

JS: Torchy’s is special because it has a compelling story, made up of all the compelling stories of the people that comprise this company. People from different backgrounds, different circumstances, different interests, who all share the same goal of building this company and leading a movement – a Taco Revolution! Within the first few seconds of walking into a Torchy’s for the first time back in 2010, I knew that I wanted to be part of it in some capacity.  I had no idea, back then, that I would be doing what I’m doing for the company today.

Torchy: Eating healthy, Torchy’s style. Is it possible? What’s your secret?

JS: It is possible! It’s all about discipline for me. No secret, I just have to talk myself out of gorging myself on Nookies and Green Chile Queso every time I go in to eat. Besides that, I usually get a modified Crossroads (brisket) or Chicken Fajita, plus eggs and our homemade guacamole in a bowl. No cheese or tortillas. That fits within my nutritional style really well.

Torchy: What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

JS: I refuse to sing karaoke, but if made to, I would go with Ice Ice Baby, by Vanilla Ice.  Boom!

Huge thanks to Jeremy for sharing his taco perspective. If you too want to be a part of something bigger than you that affects a large number of people in a positive way, join the Torchy’s Family today!