Taco Junkie Testimonials


Employee Highlight:

Charlie Scott

District Manager, Colorado 


Ever wondered what makes a taco junkie tick? To shed some light on what it means to live the taco dream, we occasionally sit down with members of the Torchy’s Family for a little chat. Our latest Taco Junkie Testimonial features a special member of our team, who was tapped to lead us over state lines. As a former Colorado resident who knows the taco life (former General Manager and District Manager in Austin) Charlie Scott was a perfect match for the queso-crazed people of Denver.


Meet the Taco Junkie:

Favorite Taco: Roscoe!

First position with Torchy’s: Cook at our (short-lived) 6th St. location in downtown Austin – which is now Hoek’s Death Metal Pizza. I became a Manager at the Guadalupe location when we opened that shortly after.

Years as a Taco Junkie: I started in January 2008, so a little over 8 years.

Fun Fact: I Love music and play the drums.

“I love Torchy’s and I plan to retire with this company.”

Torchy: Thanks for chatting with us, dude. 8 years is a long time! Why have you stayed?

Charlie: Torchy’s is special to me for many reasons, but mostly because of the culture that we have. Everyone can be themselves and brings something different to the table. At Torchy’s I am Charlie Scott, not employee number 132. This company is special to me because of the relationship that I have with each of the owners. You would not get this at any other company.

Torchy: How has the company supported you personally?

Charlie: Torchy’s allows me to have a ton of tattoos and allows me to express myself in my own way. For example, they know how much I love music and have allowed me to run our vending operations at any music festivals that we were involved in, such as ACL Fest and others. That was huge for me, since my three biggest loves are My Family, Music, and Torchy’s. This job allows me to balance all of these aspects of my life.

Torchy: Speaking of ACL Fest, do you have a favorite story?

Charlie:  Not ACL-related, but a super cool thing that happened at our S. 1st & El Paso location was when a guy came in and bought a bunch of t-shirts and bottles of Diablo Sauce. He said to the Manager “You’ll never guess who all of this is for.”  She asked him who, and he told her it was all for Slayer’s manager (my favorite band ever). Apparently, the guy buying all the stuff worked at a recording studio where Slayer had been recording, and while they were in town their manager ate at our restaurant a lot and loved it.

And while I’m no rock star, every time I meet someone who freaks out and just goes on and on about how much they love Torchy’s, it makes me feel like one.

“It makes me proud that the owners trust me to take on this great responsibility.”

Torchy: Rock on! We’d love to hear your thoughts about making the move to Denver.

Charlie: I am super excited about being here in Colorado, and so is my family. The Broadway spot in Denver was our first out-of-state venture, and it is a huge honor to be leading our awesome crew out here. It makes me proud that the owners trust me to take on this great responsibility.

Torchy: Anything else you wanna share?

Charlie: I love Torchy’s and I plan to retire with this company.

Huge thanks to Charlie for the insight! The Torchy’s revolution in Colorado isn’t showing any signs of slowing, with locations coming soon to Westminster, Greenwood Village, and Fort Collins. (Now open in Stapleton!) Wanna take part in the taco revolution? Help us fuel the fire & earn mad street cred (not to mention free tacos and cold hard cash) – join the Torchy’s Family today!