Taco Junkie Testimonials


Employee Highlight: Beth Bennett

General Manager, Torchy’s Tacos Denver-Broadway and Supermom, soon moving to Torchy’s Tacos Denver-Stapleton

Ever wondered what makes a taco junkie tick? To get a closer look at life inside the taco machine, we’ve sat down with some members of the Torchy’s team for a little taco talk. Our latest Taco Junkie Testimonial features Beth Bennett, who, as a former General Manager of our iconic food trailer, and one of the original out-of-Texas team in Colorado, is all too familiar with the Taco Dream.

Torchy: Thanks for chatting with us! Can you start by telling us how long you have been with the company?

BB: Well let’s see…my kiddo is about to turn 3, so just shy of 3 years now. I started when she was 6 weeks old and haven’t looked back. I have LOVED the last 3 years.

Torchy: Can you tell us a little bit more about your Torchy’s journey?

BB: Well, I was hired as an Assistant Manager in the Round Rock location with a background in catering management and some server experience from high school and college.  After a handful of months, I was promoted to Kitchen Manager, and right off the bat, I took on as many General Manager responsibilities as possible. 8 months after that, I was promoted to General Manager of the Trailer location in Austin, and life got really interesting!  Food trucks are intense – it is the smallest kitchen of all our restaurants, with the largest dining room and a TON of hype and publicity around the location – basically anytime there was a city-wide event, we got hammered!  It was a beast of its own that prepared me for the first out-of-state store opening.  Currently I am a General Manager at the Denver-Broadway location, soon to be at Denver-Stapleton!

I have LOVED the last 3 years.

Torchy: Sooooooo … Why Torchy’s?

BB: Wait – is that even a question? At first it was the amazing food and the reputation of the company. I remember hitting up the trailer in college.  Then I moved away for a few years and Torchy’s blew up!

Now it’s about all that, plus the relationships that I’ve built with people and the life I am able to lead.  Torchy’s takes care of its own – from giving me time off when my baby had surgery, to moving me to Denver, to my very first GM Adventure Trip this year!  I feel like I’m on this journey with a family. Seriously, the better question is, why not Torchy’s?!?

Torchy: Aside from the obvious (queso-covered mountaintops) – what drew you to Denver?

BB: I knew I wanted a new adventure and a big change for my family – and of course to be a bigger part of the taco revolution. Growth opportunities were part of what drew me to this company, so at the first mention of Colorado, I said, “yes please!” I let my District Manager know what I was after early on, and when the time came, she went to bat for me. Now that we’re here, we love the Denver Children’s Museum, plus great restaurants, no mosquitos, and the great weather – snow!

Torchy: We hear your daughter, Jocelyn, is a pretty hardcore Green Chile Queso fan.

BB: It’s true! If I’d let her, she’d eat her weight in Green Chile Queso and Chips every day. Her typical meal, however, is a Chicken Quesadilla with Guacamole or a # 1 Breakfast Taco and a Maine Root Pink Drink. We drive by the Torchy’s every day after I pick her up and she sees the big red lights and always wants to stop. “Mommy work. Jo eat tacos!” – cracks me up every time!

The best part…high-fiving your team at the end [of a crazy rush] because they kicked ass and stayed strong through it.

Torchy: How about you? What’s YOUR favorite taco at Torchy’s?

BB:  It completely depends on my mood, but a few go-to’s are Brushfire with bacon, Crossroads with Guacamole, a Wrangler made trashy, or Jack of Clubs with beef brisket. OOH – my new favorite is a Trashy Fried Avocado with brisket! And you can never go wrong with Green Chile Queso!

Torchy: Since opening in February, Torchy’s Broadway has been BANANAS busy.  How do you deal?

BB: Well, the biggest challenge has been figuring out how to sling THAT many tacos and still have a family life. My husband is also in the industry and works primarily nights while I work mostly days – so it’s difficult finding romantic time. The best part is probably powering through what you know is going to be a crazy rush and then high-fiving your team at the end because they kicked ass and stayed strong through it. That, and hearing how happy our customers were with the food and service are what makes the controlled chaos totally worth it!

Torchy: Killer. Alright, last one. What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

BB: Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio … And yes, some of the staff has been witness to it.

Huge thanks to Beth for sharing her taco love! If you too wish to play a bigger role in the taco revolution,  join the Torchy’s Family today!