Taco Junkie Testimonials

Adam-HassanEmployee Highlight: Adam Hassan

General Manager, Torchy’s Tacos West Plano

Ever wondered what makes a taco junkie tick? To shed a little light on the taco life, we’ve sat down with some members of the Torchy’s team for some taco talk. Our latest Taco Junkie Testimonial features Adam Hassan, a leader in our DFW area who is currently serving as GM for Torchy’s West Plano

Torchy: Thanks for sharing your Taco Junkie Testomonial! Could you start by telling us a little bit about your Torchy’s journey?

Adam: My Torchy’s journey began with a desire for something new that would take my career to the next level.  That desire lead to an amazing sit down with some company leaders: first, Jayme Parker (Market Manager, Dallas-Fort Worth), and then miraculously, I had the chance to interview with one of the Company’s owners, Jay Wald.  What started as a typical interview quickly turned into a casual conversation among two foodies.  I accepted an offer the next day and two weeks later began training at the Torchy’s Tacos in Allen, Texas.

Fast forward to ten months later; I got my chance to show the company what I could do and became the General Manager of Torchy’s in Allen.  Two more amazing years flew by while running the Torchy’s in Allen, when I got a phone call about opening a new location three times the size of the Allen store, in the neighboring city of Plano.  Of course I said yes, and am still currently holding it down as General Manager of Plano. Come see us!

Torchy’s gave me my life back!

Torchy: Why is Torchy’s special to you?

Adam: Torchy’s gave me my life back!  I was able to move forward by really focusing on growing myself as an individual, in my career, and my family.  It’s Torchy’s that gave me the opportunity to propose to my wife, purchase my first home, and now after almost four years with the company we have welcomed our first child, who some have dubbed “The Torchy’s Baby.” You really can’t make this stuff up – Torchy’s will always be special to me.

Torchy: Real talk – Torchy’s is a busy place. Long hours, crazy shifts – how do you deal?

Adam: It’s all part of the job. The goal is to remember that at the end of the day, it’s for the love of the taco that we do what we do.  I personally feel that if you surround yourself with great people and great personalities, not even a long crazy shift can kill your mojo.  Actually I enjoy, and even live for, the crazy shifts and the long hours; it sometimes helps you clear your mind of other things going on in life, simply because you’re too busy to think about anything but some damn good tacos.

Torchy’s is different…Torchy’s allows you to be YOU!

Torchy: Do you have a favorite story or memory from your time at Torchy’s?

Adam: I will always remember and admire the dedication of everyone on my team leading up to opening the Torchy’s location in Plano.  So much passion (and countless hours!) went into training and setting up the restaurant for taco greatness – sometimes, we did sacrifice sleep for the love of tacos.

I didn’t fully realize the extent of the work we were putting in, until I walked out into the dining room one day to see my Kitchen Manager in one booth and Assistant Manager in another – both curled up all cozy and sleeping like little children. It was then that I really understood the commitment of my team and saw how strong the taco love could be.

Torchy’s has changed the game for people who want a work/life balance…

Torchy: Why would you recommend someone become a manager at Torchy’s?

Adam: Torchy’s is different. It’s hard to believe at first because a majority of restaurant managers (not Torchy’s) spend upwards of 12-14 hours a day in the restaurant, and an escape doesn’t seem possible. But Torchy’s has changed the game for people who want a work/life balance or who want their own personal lives back.  Torchy’s provides the education and the work/life balance that everyone is looking for.  The opportunity for growth is astronomical, and where else can you get amazingly DAMN GOOD tacos on demand??

Torchy’s also gives you the freedom to be yourself! While tattoos and long hair are seen as a negative in corporate America, Torchy’s allows you to be YOU!   I think the real question is, why would I not recommend managing for Torchy’s?

Torchy: What’s your superpower?

Adam:  Easy – taking someone who might be having the worst day imaginable, and showing them that a bowl of Green Chile Queso can make all their worries disappear!

Torchy: We know that’s right! What’s your favorite thing to eat at Torchy’s?

Adam: After almost 4 years, I still have Brushfire and Green Chile Queso cravings every day!  I love pretty much every aspect of the Brushfire taco, from the Jerk marinated chicken to the grilled jalapenos that light you up, all the way down to the perfectly sweet mango and the finish of the stuff that runs in my blood, Diablo Sauce!

Torchy: Brushfire rules! Finally, what’s one thing we may not know about you?

Adam: I was pronounced dead for 3 minutes by doctors almost 12 years ago.

Did anyone else get chills just then? Thanks so much to Adam Hassan for living the taco dream with us, and for sharing his take. If you’re hoping to advance your personal and professional life, check out a career with Torchy’s Tacos today!