Behind the Scenes of Some Like it Hot: Buzz Appetite’s Social Media Hall of Fame

Last month, thousands of taco-thusiasts joined us for a month of otherworldly spice and flavor. The Some Like it Hot challenge truly was an event of atomic savor and splendor, and we have to wonder if some of y’all are still feelin’ it?

Thanks again to all those who earned the burn with us. It was one HOT month for sure, and so much fun. If you’re interested in learning a bit about just how we pulled it all off, let Buzz Appetite‘s Krista Gettle peeks behind the curtain of the Some Like it Hot campaign:

Buzz Appetite

Image via buzzappetite.com

Buzz Appetite is a great resource for restaurants and others in the food and beverage industry to learn about how to leverage technology for marketing, attracting new business, and strengthening relationships with existing customers. Thanks so much to Krista and Buzz Appetite for featuring us in their Social Media Hall of Fame.