Guide to Austin’s Favorite Queso

They asked, and the people answered. Eater Austin recently released their list of Austin’s 28 Best Queso Spots. Not to be outdone, The Statesman’s Austin360.com asked readers to name the best queso in town, then created an interactive map to help folks get to their favorites faster. Consider this list a public service, a gift, or a Texan’s duty – but please consider it!

“We set out on a quest to find Austin’s favorite queso. We made a poll and sent it out to the masses, promising that in return for their answers, we would create the definitive readers’ guide to the town’s favorite quesos. As promised, we’ve gathered and ranked the 20 most favorite quesos:

With 34% of the vote, 20% higher than the runner up, the winner of the queso poll is…”


Hey, we’ll take a bow for that. Thanks, Austin friends! Click the map above to check out the full list, and get to tasting!